EasyPackers by INDUPLAST – take it easy!

EasyPackers by INDUPLAST – more than a simple carry handle.

They are innovative, safe, versatile, infinitely configurable and reusable.  That turns simple handles into reliable helping hands and EasyPackers into ideal and practical advertising opportunites for practically everything that needs to be carried.

INDUPLAST offers different versions of EasyPackers – different in function, quality and look.  The variety is unique in the market of carry handles as well as some more EXTRAS within this product line. 

All versions of EasyPackers are available as  rolls or cross-wound spools in standard dimension  Standard dimensions or in special sizes and designs.

All versions of EasyPackers can be equipped with the foloowing  grip zone:  soft (film adhesive-neutral), standard (offset-paper), comfort (PP-foam 120 my), premium (PE-foam 1mm),  deluxe (PE-foam 2mm).

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