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  • the light, strong and durable INDUPLAST self-adhesive carry-handle realizes
    shopper-friendly packaging with easy carry-home capability

  • provides advertising and promotional value with custom printed handles

  • suitable for all kinds of retail packages and multi-packs:

    beverages, food, hygenic products... and many more!

Solution 1: Prelaminated finished handles for easy application
  • handle area in various qualities: paper, foamed PP-film a. o.
  • pancake rolls for manual application of lower quantities
  • cross-wound spools for automatic application with excellent productivity

Solution 2: Cardboard and tape are put together in the application machine
  • single cardboards in neutral, coloured or printed versions
  • tape qualities with high tensile strength and best adhesion to PE-shrinking film

INDUPLAST Carry-Handle - we handle your success!

You need a handle applicator? We`ve good contacts to several producers.


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